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Rhetoric and Sources on Abortion

September 12, 2019

Rhetorical Analysis of Four Sources on Abortion


            When it comes to making decisions the government always gets the final say. There are many examples like immigration, gun usage, gay marriage and so much more but one that stands out from them all is abortion. Abortion is an to terminate a woman’s pregnancy. It has been an ongoing debate whether a woman should have an abortion or not because of its. There are two perspectives: pro-choice and pro-life. Pro-choice is supported by the, republican party while pro-life is supported by the democratic party. Individuals that agree with pro-life believe that a baby is alive when a mother gives birth to the baby, while pro-choice individuals believe that a baby is alive during the mother’s pregnancy.

According to a magazine article “ Arkansas now has the strictest abortion law in the United States.” Author Karen Ann Gajeswki states “On March 6, the Republican controlled state legislature overrode Democratic Mike Beebe’s veto of the Human Heartbeat Protection Act, which bans most abortion after the twelfth week of pregnancy”. While this was a case between Democratic and Republicans this article is directed towards women. Why? That is because a women’s choice is taken away from them. Gajewski proceeds to state “(it does not include exemptions in case of rape, incest, and when the mother’s life is in danger or the fetus is diagnosed with an extremely serious disorder).” Throughout the article Gajewski keeps a very formal tone to inform her audience about what is going on with the abortion law. The genre of this piece is a brief article explaining the situation in 2013, regarding this specific abortion law. Gajewski presents this brief article online for her audience to view. Gajewski isn’t taking a side when it comes to the abortion law in this article, but her purpose is to inform the audience about the next steps that can possibly happen. She wants to keep her audience updated which is why she informs them about a soon court date, that can decide if the abortion law will be taking place or not.

Women’s rights for abortion have been considerably scrutinized by the government. Pro- life officials have decided to part take in the decision making for women’s rights. According to Jennifer Kat in “Supporting Women Coping with Emotional Distress After Abortion”, Kat states “Abortion is common, yet stigmatized. In some cases, abortion patients may experience feeling of sadness, guilt, anger, and other signs of emotional distress after their pregnancy is terminated.” Kat explains that women who decide to have an abortion tend to undergo emotional distress. Kat proceeds to state, “pro-life’ activists use PAS to argue that potential abortion patients are likely to be emotional harmed by abortion therefore should be protected from making the decision to seek abortion.” Since PAS( post-abortion syndrome) is something that is becoming common after a woman gets an abortion, pro-life activists believe abortion should not happen because it leads to emotional disorders which can also lead to problematic family issues, stress, anger and much more.

The genre of this piece is an article informing the audience on the effects of abortion. In the article by Jennifer Kat, Kat keeps a very informative tone. Kat presents this article online for her audience to view and specifically addresses the female population. She is specifically addressing the female population because females are the ones getting abortion and they need to know about what is happening to woman who receive an abortion. Kat conveys her message by stating the problematic issue of abortion, to persuade her audience that abortion is detrimental, it causes emotional disorders after the fact. I believe she explains to everyone that women who have an abortion should reach out for services in order to avoid more serious disorders. She recommends that one should seek assistance from a counselor or therapist. It is clear that Jennifer Kat is taking the pro-life side and supporting the fact that abortion should be illegal in the United States.

While the pro-life activist care for the woman emotional health, they might not be seeing an issue that can be bigger than that. One story that speaks out that Uma Mishra-Newbery and Jaime Todd-Gher wrote about in a news article called “Abortion Bans Strip People of Their Human Right. Here’s Why We Must Stand in Solidarity Against Them”, is about a woman who almost committed suicide because she couldn’t get the abortion done. Mishra-Newberry and Todd-Gher states :One of the most harrowing stories is that of ‘Ms Y’, a woman who was granted asylum in Ireland after being beaten and raped by paramilitaries in her own country. Ms Y tried to kill herself several times when she was told she could not end her pregnancy, which was a result of rape.” As mentioned previously if a woman was raped or has any health problems during her pregnancy, the pregnancy should be terminated but this women pregnancy wasn’t which lead her to the thought of committing suicide. The authors then proceed to state “ She was eventually forced to give birth by C-section. At every step of the way, the Irish authorizes concern for the protection of the fetus trumped any consideration of Ms Y’s mental and physical health.” Not only did she had the thought of committing suicide but she also with mental and physical health issues one being trauma. Even though this particular story didn’t take place in the United states it is clear that it is something happening worldwide and its affecting women from all around the world.

The genre of this piece is a news article trying to persuade the audience the audience that banning abortion isn’t right. The authors Mishra-Newbery and Todd-Gher keep a very informative and persuasive tone because they are giving the audience information about why abortion should not be banned but its persuasive because they are giving the audience personal stories that people have shared with the world. Both the authors are writing this news article for a worldwide audience because throughout the article the authors mentioned how more and more countries continue to join the expansion of abortion law and I feel like the authors are trying to persuade and inform everyone on why abortion should be legal. I believe both authors are taking the pro-choice side when it comes to reading this news article. I believe they are taking the pro-choice side because towards the end they state, “People who need, or have had, abortions deserve our support and solidarity….It will prevent countless deaths, life-long trauma and life-changing injuries.” When I read this, it made me think of pro-choice supporters because they are standing up for the rights that a woman should have when it comes to abortion . They believe that abortion should be legal and that we as a whole must support women who need abortions or may have had it.

Sometimes when it comes to a women’s decision on whether or not they should have an abortion is not just because of rape it can be because of many different reasons .According to a book fact sheet called “ Facts on induced abortion in the United States”, the unknown author states “The reasons women give for having an abortion underscore their understanding of the responsibilities of parenthood and family life.” A big reason for a woman to start thinking about an abortion is because responsibility reason. The unknown author proceeds to state “Three-fourths of women cite concern for or responsibility to other individuals; three-fourths say they cannot afford a child; three-fourths say that having a baby would interfere with work, school or the ability to care for dependents; and half say they do not want to be a single parent or are having problems with their husband or partner. “A women’s decision is mostly based on how their life is going at the moment. The mother may not be financially stable for themselves that it can affect the baby, or the mother may just not have time for the baby because of a job or school. There’s always another option when it comes to situations like these like abortion, but labor is pain and mi sure that no women would want to go through all that pain just to give their child away.

The genre of this piece mentioned is a book fact sheet explaining different reasons for. Women decision on abortion. This fact sheet does not contain an author. The unknown author keeps a very informative tone because the author is using a lot of evidence and is giving a lot of information about abortion. The unknown author main audience is women. I believe it is women because if a woman reads this, they are more likely to think about what they want in the future and if they should use protection when it comes to having sex with their partner. When it comes to this piece, I don’t think the author picks a side when it comes to the pro-choice or pro-life stand. The reason I think this is because the author is mentioning both the positive and negative reasons for a woman to have an abortion and there is no opinion made its all facts.

When it comes to my decision abortion is something that should be legalized. I do believe that there is life when a pregnancy is in progress but taking away a decision from a woman is not right. The United States always talks about equal right for everyone but if a women decision is taken away from the pro-life activist is equality even there. Women deserve to have a chance to speak up and do what they believe. If a woman believes she is not ready to have a child because of financial issues or being a single mother, then she should be able to end her pregnancy. I stand behind my choice and I would like to know what is yours?

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